Because each individual we support is unique, we strive to provide services that are tailored to each person’s own hopes, dreams, goals and needs. Dungarvin Minnesota, provider since 1976, currently provides services to over 1500 people throughout the state. We provide Eldercare, In-Home, Responder Service, Acute Behavioral Services, Community Residential Settings, Support in Your Own Home, CADI Case Management, DD Case Management, Employment services, services to people with significant medical needs, and Independent Living services. Dungarvin Minnesota works cooperatively with each person, his or her family, the support team and county/state entities to ensure quality services. At Dungarvin Minnesota, we are committed to our mission of “Respecting and Responding to the Choices of People in Need of Supports”. Many people with disabilities need some assistance to live full and productive lives at home or at work. Even when the person lives with family members, there can be a need for additional support, such as taking the person out into the community or providing assistance with daily, personal and household tasks. Dungarvin Minnesota is a company that specializes in these types of support services. We believe a person’s home should be a place of his or her choosing. We will provide the assistance and support necessary to create a healthy, safe, and happy atmosphere. This may be in a rented apartment or house, or a home owned by the people receiving services. People may live alone or with others. Services are also provided to people living with parents or foster care providers.

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