In each of Minnesota's 87 counties, a County Attorney is elected to handle numerous criminal and civil legal responsibilities. Under Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter, the Chisago County Attorney's Office employs 9 assistant county attorneys - 5 in the criminal division and 4 in the civil division - who assist in carrying out those duties, as well as paralegals, legal administrative assistants, and victim/witness staff. The mission of the Chisago County Attorney's Office is to seek justice, promote public safety by prosecuting crime, protecting those in need, and representing the interest of Chisago County. The Chisago County Attorney's Office serves as chief legal counsel for the Chisago County Board of Commissioners, the various departments established and maintained by the Board of Commissioners and to such committees of the board as appropriate. The office represents the county before the courts of this state, the United States, and other jurisdictions where authorized. The office also appears on behalf of the county before such agencies, commissions, boards and other organizations before whom the county has business.

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